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Interview with John M. Ditzler Hearing Aid Wearer for 46 Years!

John M. Ditzler

January 7, 2002

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Interview with Frank Rizer MD, Otologist, Warren, Ohio

Frank Rizer, MD

January 7, 2002

Topic: Cochlear Implants   Read More

Interview with Richard Salvi Ph.D., Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Hearing and Deafness State University of NY

Richard Salvi, PhD

December 31, 2001

Topic: Central Changes in Response to Peripheral Changes.   Read More

Interview with Craig Derkay M.D.

Craig Derkay, MD

December 24, 2001

Topic: Laser Myringotomy   Read More

Interview with Ann Kitchen State Representative, District 48, State of Texas

Ann Kitchen

December 17, 2001

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Interview with Kevin Kavanagh M.D., Otolaryngologist

Kevin Kavanagh, MD

December 10, 2001

Topic: Antibiotics   Read More

Interview with Jennifer Derebery M.D., House Ear Clinic, Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

Jennifer Derebery, MD

November 26, 2001

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Interview with Tony Alessandra Ph.D., Siemens Marketing Consultant and Professional Speaker

Tony Alessandra, PhD

November 19, 2001

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Interview with Jack Paradise M.D., Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Jack Paradise, MD

November 12, 2001

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Interview with William Domico J.D., Ph.D., Attorney and Audiologist

William Domico, JD, PhD

October 22, 2001

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Interview with Paul Erickson President and CEO, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Paul Erickson

October 15, 2001

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Interview with Richard Seewald Ph.D., Audiologist, Creator of 'DSL'

Richard Seewald, PhD

October 8, 2001

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Interview with David Sawyer VP of Marketing, Siemens Hearing Solutions

David Sawyer

October 1, 2001

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Interview with Steve Hawkins and Pamela Matthews Audiologists with SOUNDTEC Inc., Manufacturer of Middle Ear Implants

Steve Hawkins, Pamela Matthews

September 24, 2001

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Interview with Patrick Henry FM Products Manager, Phonak, Warrenville, Illinois

Patrick Henry

September 17, 2001

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Interview with Kevin Kavanagh M.D., Otolaryngologist and Website Innovator

Kevin Kavanagh, MD

September 10, 2001

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