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Resound Omnia - August 2022


Hear what industry-leading experts are saying about the latest topics.

Interview with Michael Nilsson Ph.D., Sr. Research Associate, Sonic Innovations, Inc.

Michael Nilsson, PhD

July 3, 2000

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Interview with Cheryl DeConde Johnson EdD, Chair, American Board of Audiology

Cheryl DeConde Johnson, EdD

June 29, 2000

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Interview with Kenneth Lowder Au.D., Chair, Audiology Foundation of America (AFA)

Kenneth Lowder, AuD

June 22, 2000

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Interview with Bernice Dinner Ph.D., Founder, Hear Now

Bernice Dinner, PhD

June 13, 2000

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Interview with David Fabry Ph.D., President-Elect American Academy of Audiology

Dave Fabry, PhD

June 8, 2000

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Interview with Paul Thompson Chief Operating Officer, Unitron Hearing

Paul Thompson

May 24, 2000

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Interview with George Osborne Ph.D., Dean, Pennsylvania College of Optometry School of Audiology

George Osborne, PhD

May 11, 2000

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Interview with Bryan Liang, M.D., Ph.D., J.D. and Arthur W. Grayson Professor of Law & Medicine, Southern Illinois University Schools of Law and Medicine

Bryan Liang, MD, JD, PhD, Arthur W. Grayson

May 9, 2000

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Interview with Peter Van Nest President, Bernafon Maico Inc.

Peter Van Nest

April 23, 2000

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Interview with Fred Fritz MBA, President, Songbird Medical Inc.

Fred Fritz, MBA

April 5, 2000

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