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Cochlear Kanso - December 2017


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Unidentified and Underserved: Cochlear Implant Candidates in the Hearing Aid Dispensing Practice

Steve Huart, AuD

August 17, 2009

The vast majority of patients with hearing loss visiting a typical audiology private practice or hearing aid dispensing office can be helped with hearing aids. Conventional wisdom would suggest that v...   Read More


Day to Day with My Cochlear Implant.

Denise M. Jansen

October 21, 2002

Many people have told what it is like to receive a cochlear implant and the miracle of hearing again. But what is it like to live with a cochlear implant on a day to day basis? At age 28 years, I lost...   Read More

Cochlear Implant Reimbursement: Cause for Concern

Donna Sorkin

January 7, 2002

Cochlear implants are increasingly the "technology of choice" for children and adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss who do not derive significant benefit from hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids,...   Read More

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