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Inventis - June 2023

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What is the TEN Test, and Can I Do This Test With My Inventis Audiometer?

Mel Gross, AuD

April 18, 2022

What is the “TEN test” and can I do this test with my Inventis audiometer?   Read More

What are the Fundamental Rules When Performing a vHIT?

Enrico Armato, MD

March 21, 2022

What are the fundamental rules when performing a vHIT?   Read More

How Can I Tinnitus Match to a Known Stimulus with Inventis Piano Plus?

Mel Gross, AuD

March 14, 2022

Some tinnitus sound therapies require matching the tinnitus to a known stimulus. How can I do this with an audiometer?   Read More

What is the Frequency Spectrum of the Vestibular System?

Enrico Armato, MD

March 7, 2022

What is the frequency spectrum of the vestibular system?   Read More

How Can I Measure Speech Recognition with the Oldenburg International Matrix Test and Inventis Trumpet System?

Anna Scala

March 1, 2022

How can I measure speech recognition with the Oldenburg International Matrix test and Inventis Trumpet system?   Read More

Why Do Rotary Tests Still Have a Significance in Vestibular Diagnostics?

Enrico Armato, MD

December 13, 2021

Why do rotary tests still have a significance in vestibular diagnostics?   Read More

What Preliminary Technical Steps Must be Followed Before VNG ?

Enrico Armato, MD

December 13, 2021

What preliminary technical steps must be followed before VNG?   Read More

What Pre-test Instructions Must be Given to the Patient Before VNG?

Enrico Armato, MD

November 29, 2021

What pre-test instructions must be given to the patient before VNG?   Read More

Why Do We Need Preliminary Procedures to VNG?

Enrico Armato, MD

November 15, 2021

Why do we need preliminary procedures to VNG?   Read More

How Do I Perform Pediatric Tests with Piano Plus VRA from Inventis?

Anna Scala

November 1, 2021

How do I perform pediatric tests with Piano Plus VRA from Inventis?   Read More

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