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What is the First Step in a Patient's Hearing Health Journey?

Randy Baldwin

September 30, 2019



What is the first step in a patient's hearing health journey?


As the old saying goes, every journey begins with a single step. Not all patients have the same journey, but based on research, a new patient seeking hearing health services typically starts in what we call the explorer step, where they are researching providers, products, and treatments, insurance coverage and yes, payment options. One of the first places many prospective patients begin to explore their options is on the internet. There are many things you can do to make your site attractive and informative:

  • Videos
  • Team photos
  • Virtual tour of your practice

Because cost can be a barrier to hearing health, placing information about the CareCredit health care credit card on your website can give patients another compelling reason to choose your practice over the competition. It can also improve your listing on popular search engines. To help, CareCredit has available digital advertising materials you can use on your website and social media platforms. These ready-made assets include a payment calculator, banners and buttons, sample website pages and messaging, and a custom link to CareCredit's patients application.

Let's take a close look at each and see how these assets can help motivate patients during their first step in their journey. CareCredit's webpage and sample copy lets you provide a quick overview of the benefits of a health care credit card. Promotional banners and buttons can be placed on your website and emails or linked to your custom CareCredit webpage or to the CareCredit site so patients know special financing is available. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, including animated or static options.

CareCredit's payment calculator provides a convenient way for patients to get an instant estimate on what their monthly payments may be and help to eliminate the cost concerns. The payment calculator comes pre-coded on the ready-made webpage and can also be inserted as a stand-alone piece on any page of your site. You can use it as is or customize the payment calculator to display only the financing options your practice accepts. The custom apply link lets patients apply for CareCredit right from your website, before they come in for their appointment.

Once properly installed, this unique button links the patient's application to your merchant number. This allows you to track patients who have applied for CareCredit from your website, along with those who have been approved and have available credit. CareCredit can also help you increase engagement with both existing and new patients on social media. Simply choose from a selection of messages, ready to instantly post or Tweet. Just click on the appropriate icon, log into your account, and it's done.

To access the CareCredit's digital advertising materials and other promotional materials, including easy-to-use graphics, pre-approved content, and logos for use in print, on the web, and social media, go to the provider center at and log in with your merchant ID and password. CareCredit's digital advertising materials are just some of the many free resources available to practices that accept CareCredit. The online provider locator receives an average of over a million searches per month. Many of these prospective patients use the online provider locator to find a doctor in their community who provides the care that they are seeking and who also accepts CareCredit. As a CareCredit provider, you automatically receive a free listing on our provider locator. When prospective patients enter your city or ZIP code, your listing appears and provides your contact information and a link to your website. To optimize your listing, log into as a provider and go to update my info, request training, and order supplies. Simply follow the steps to update your information and customize with a link to your website. For more ways CareCredit can help you attract patients, or for free resources, visit or the CareCredit Expo Page on AudiologyOnline.

randy baldwin

Randy Baldwin

Randy Baldwin is the Vice President of Marketing at CareCredit, a part of Synchrony Financial. He is a marketing and product management executive with over 25 years experience in the optometric, ophthalmic and hearing industries. Randy’s team is responsible for engaging with vision and hearing professionals, helping them to use patient financing to help both their patients and
their practices.


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