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NEW Pro Line Advanced

Sam Peterson, Denis Carpenter

August 27, 2018

Interview with Sam Peterson and Denis Carpenter regarding Rayovac's new Pro Line Advanced hearing aid battery system.   Read More

ZPower Updates on Growth and Professional Demand for Rechargeable

Sara Sable-Antry

March 19, 2018

Interview with Sara Sable-Antry, Vice President of Product Management and Customer Care regarding ZPower growth and future plans.   Read More

ZPower Responds to Consumer and Professional Demand for Rechargeable - New System Makes Any Hearing Aid Rechargeable

Sara Sable-Antry

October 12, 2015

Interview with Sara Sable-Antry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ZPower   Read More


Getting the Most from Hearing Aid Batteries: Expert Insight from Rayovac

Denis Carpenter, Jenna Rebout

May 11, 2015

Interview with Denis Carpenter and Jenna ReBout, Rayovac   Read More

Using the New ZPower Rechargeable Solution for Hearing Aids to Benefit Your Patients and Practice

Barry A. Freeman, PhD

March 16, 2015

Interview with Barry Freeman, PhD, Vice President of Business Development, ZPower   Read More


Rayovac: 50 Years of Innovation in Portage, WI and Customer-Focused Initiatives

Kevin Kouba, BBA, MBA, Dave Young

October 6, 2014

Interview with Kevin Kouba and Dave Young, Rayovac   Read More

ZPower Rechargeable Batteries: Less is More

Ross Dueber, PhD

September 5, 2014

Interview with Ross Dueber, PhD, President, CEO and Director, ZPower   Read More

Interview with Jennifer Groth and Torben Groth, ReSound

Torben Groth, Jennifer Groth

August 19, 2013

Topic: Hearing Aid Battery Life - Is it Getting Better or Worse?   Read More


Interview with Kevin Kouba, Divisional Vice President - North America Professional Hearing Aid Battery Sales, Rayovac

Kevin Kouba, BBA, MBA

May 20, 2013

Topic: Introducing Rayovac’s Latest Business Solution – Online Ordering Made Easy!   Read More


Interview with Denis Carpenter, Jeff Poirer, Randy Raymond, and Ann Rule, Rayovac

Denis Carpenter, Jeff Poirer, Randy Raymond, Ann Rule

August 23, 2010

Topic: Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries   Read More


Interview with Ann Rule, Rayovac Marketing Manager

Ann Rule

February 15, 2010

Topic: Rayovac's Hearing Professional of the Year   Read More


Interview with Keith Gordon, Director of Marketing and Sales, VitaSound Audio Inc.

Keith Gordon

January 19, 2009

Topic: VitaSound's Product Line-Up: Instant Custom Fit Hearing Aids, Hearing Protectors and Earphones, Rechargeable Hearing Aids with Solar Powered Charger   Read More


Interview with Serge Traylor, Brand Manager, Hearing Aid Battery Division Energizer

Serge Traylor

August 11, 2008

Topic: Energizer Zero Mercury Hearing Aid Batteries   Read More

Interview with Tom Begley, Division Vice President of Sales, & Dennis Carpenter, Zinc Air Technical Manager, for Rayovac

Tom Begley, Dennis Carpenter

April 14, 2008

Topic: Rayovac Extreme Performance Batteries   Read More


Interview with Anji Echele Director, Business Development Batteries

Anji Echele

February 14, 2005

Topic: Energizer's Whole New Approach - audioPRO   Read More

Interview with Ernie Petrus Director of Sales and Marketing for Miniature Batteries, Energizer

Ernie Petrus

May 17, 2004

Topic: "It's Hip to Hear" Program, featuring Pat Benatar.   Read More

Interview with Tom Begley Director of Sales, Rayovac

Tom Begley, Dennis Carpenter

July 2, 2001

  Read More

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