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Starkey Genesis - August 2023

From the Editor - A Summer Montage of Customized Reflections on Marketing the iPhone and Unlimited CEUs

A Summer

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer. Things are moving along as usual here at AudiologyOnline, here is the list of our most recent articles.


We have a paper titled, A Montage of Outstanding Questions and Clinical Applications of Otoacoustic Emissions by Drs. Jill Meltzer of the North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab and Sumitrajit Dhar of Northwestern University. We called it a "a montage" as this sounded better than "a list", but semantics aside, the authors provide a straightforward and useful discussion on OAEs. This paper was produced in cooperation with the Illinois Academy of Audiology and we also have a version as a recorded course (/audiology-ceus/course/otoacoustic-emissions-oaes-theory-practice-presented-in-13099) if you would like to view that as well/instead. Both are eligible for CEUs.

of Customized

Dr. Don Schum of Oticon is back with the current installment of his series on The Human Side of the Fitting Process with the paper titled, Advanced Technology Fittings - Customized Features. Dr. Schum writes how the fine tuning process of fitting advanced hearing aids can interact with features such as adaptation managers and cross-system controls. This paper also has a related recorded session (/audiology-ceus/course/hearing-aids-adults-customizing-advanced-technology-fittings-13915) and both are eligible for CEUs.

Reflections on

Audiologist Stella Ng from The University of Western Ontario rounds out our collection of articles with a paper entitled, An Introduction to Reflective Practice for Audiologists. Many health and social care professions use reflective practice to help navigate the complexities of clinical situations. Many of us have professional "habits" and may find it difficult to change when new information or research comes to light. Ms. Ng discusses how types of reflection can be used to understand these habits and make changes as needed.


If you would like the latest information on strategic marketing and your practice, look no further. Dr. Holly Hosford-Dunn, has two recorded courses on the topic Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Strategic Marketing for 21st Century Audiologists, Part I and Part II. Dr. Dunn talks about several marketing communication methods that can be used for retaining and aquiring patients and referral methods, all within the larger context of identifying profiable customer relationships. It is some of the best materials I have seen on these topics. This is an updated version of Dr. Hosford-Dunn's popular 4-part paper on IMC).

the iPhone 3G and Unlimited CEUs

What do these two things have in common? You can currently get either of them for just $99! As you (hopefully) may have heard, our expanded CEU Total Access (CTA) program has officially been launched. Now, all courses - live, recorded, and text based - (such as those mentioned above or by any of our Corporate Partners) are free to view. When you are ready to earn CEUs, you simply pay a $99 annual fee, which allows you to earn unlimited CEUs on AudiologyOnline. No travel required! It is the best CEU offer anywhere and we encourage you to take advantage of it. Feel free to give us a call if you need any more information or have any questions - 800 753 2160.

Have A Great Month!

Thank you for reading. Please take a look at the great information contained in the links to your right, and also take a look at our Around The Web (ATW). This month's ATW includes: human cochlea inspires radio production, a polymer power house for CIs, Audiology is a "kool" career, a new laser procedure repairs hearing damage and much more!

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