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Phonemic Regression

Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS

September 29, 2003

As a geriatrician I've noticed that some of my hearing impaired patients can still hear reasonably well for about a half-hour after removing their hearing aids. How is this possible? --- Dr. K.O.   Read More


Turn Around Time for Hearing Aid Loans?

Charles Stone, AuD

September 22, 2003

What is the real ''turn around'' time for approving patients for hearing aid financing? In particular, I am referring to how long would it take if I were to try to accomplish this while the patient is...   Read More


CPT 92558 and 92559

Steven C. White, PhD, CCC-A

September 15, 2003

We are being told by our billing service that as of March 2003, Medicare no longer reimburses for 92558 or 92559. Have others found this to be true?   Read More

ABR artifact in the OR

Larry G. Martin, AuD

September 8, 2003

I have recently had two cases (pediatric cases)where there has been a wave I or Wave I and III but no wave V. That is unless you count the huge wave that is between 8.5 and 11.5 msec. Could this recor...   Read More

Hearing protection and hearing aids

Elliott H. Berger, MS, INCE Bd. Cert.

August 25, 2003

I have a patient who wears CIC hearing aids. He works in a loud environment and needs to hear when someone is talking to him. He currently wears earmuffs, but can't wear his hearing aids since they fe...   Read More


Coding for Vertical Electrodes

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

August 11, 2003

Our hospital audit committee has received a statement from the AMA stating that the PT code 92547 may not be used for vertical recordings when VNG (goggles) are utilized instead of electrodes. We have...   Read More


Chronic candidiasis (yeast infection) in the ears

Max Stanley Chartrand, PhD, BC-HIS

August 4, 2003

For many years I've suffered from yeast infections in my ears. No matter what my doctor does, including antibiotics and other eardrops - it still itches. It also interferes with wearing a hearing aid...   Read More


Medicare Referral Specifics

Steven C. White, PhD, CCC-A

July 28, 2003

Medicare stipulates that a physician's referral is required for audiologic testing in order for payment to be made to audiologist. What does that ''referral'' need to say? Can the...   Read More

Halmaygi Head Thrust Test

Henry Trahan, MCD

July 21, 2003

What is the head thrust? Is it the same as head shake?   Read More

Hearing Aids EXCLUDED from coverage

Charles Stone, AuD

July 14, 2003

Which hearing aids cannot be covered by ESCO's extended coverage plans?   Read More

Productivity Stats

Kyle C. Dennis, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

July 7, 2003

How do you determine an audiologist's productivity? Should you use time based units and how much time should be assigned to each task?   Read More

APD and Dyslexia

Deborah Moncrieff, PhD

June 30, 2003

My son was just recently tested for APD. He will be 7 in May so his age for the test was 6.5. My question does a child with APD also have Dyslexia? He has had a history of cronic ear infection since h...   Read More

Weight loss/gain and hearing aid fit

Kevin Kavanagh, MD

June 23, 2003

Does weight loss/gain cause the ear to change so much that the hearing aid will not fit properly? (Am only talking about a kilo or 2 of weight loss/gain. Have been told by an audiologist that the ear...   Read More


Dry aid kits and hearing aid batteries

Denis Carpenter

June 16, 2003

Can I put my hearing aid in the dry aid kit with the battery inside?   Read More


CPT coding for OAE testing

Steven C. White, PhD, CCC-A

June 9, 2003

I work at an ENT clinic and we see adults as well as children (not newborns). Is 92588 the appropriate code to use for billing (for OAE testing) for both groups of patients? If not, what would the app...   Read More


Selling Extended Coverage

Charles Stone, AuD

June 2, 2003

What is the best time to speak with patients about extended coverage plans?   Read More

Extending Hearing Aid Battery Life

Denis Carpenter

May 26, 2003

What can I do to make my hearing aid battery last as long as possible?   Read More

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids

Linda Kozma-Spytek, MA, CCC-A, CED

May 19, 2003

Do you have any recommendations for the best cell phones for use with hearing aids? Is this different for every style of hearing aid (i.e. BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC)?   Read More


Hearing Aids and the VA

Kyle C. Dennis, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

May 12, 2003

Is the VA still covering/dispensing hearing aids to ''eligible'' vets?   Read More

The Gold Standard for Measuring Hearing Aid Success

Kenneth Smith, AuD

May 5, 2003

What is considerd to be the gold standard for measuring the success of hearing aid fittings?   Read More

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