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Directional Microphone Verification

Eric Branda, MS, CCC-A

March 17, 2003

My practice is a 'bare bones' practice. We do not have real ear equipment. Nonetheless, we would like to verify performance of directional microphones for our patients. How can we accomplish this?   Read More

Same Day Billing for Audio Procedures and Medical Procedures

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

March 10, 2003

In an ENT practice, what are the procedures that if billed with an audio procedure with the same date of service result in only one or the other being paid, that is, only the medical procedure or only...   Read More

Indications for Rotary Chair Testing

Peta J. Gates, MA, CCC-A

March 3, 2003

We are getting a rotary chair. What are the current indications for the test? Which of the various rotary chair tests provide the most dignositic information (i.e. the SHA, VVOR,Step test, OPK)? Which...   Read More

High Tech Hearing Instrument Shells - 'LasR™

Lori Timmerman, MA, CCC-A

February 24, 2003

Please discuss ''LasR™'' hearing instrument shells, the technology, and please explain what benefits we should expect from this technology?   Read More


CPT Coding for Vestibular Assessment

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

February 24, 2003

What CPT codes should be used for subtests such as head shaking, hyperventilation induced nystagmus, or vibration induced nystagmus. What is the appropriate code for the canalith repositioning maneuve...   Read More


Tympanograms After Myringoplasty

Charles Augustine Syms, MD

February 17, 2003

Is there any evidence to suggest that tympanograms should not be undertaken after myringoplasty?   Read More


ABR and ENG Reimbursement

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

February 17, 2003

I have gotten numerous answers to this question... can an independent audiologist bill insurance for the entire ABR and ENG? I do the test, and I interpret the test and then I send the results to the...   Read More


Rotary Nystagmus in Posterior Canal BPPV

Henry Trahan, MCD

February 10, 2003

Why is the nystagmus in a BPPV patient rotary? What is the underlying explanation for the rotational characteristic?   Read More

Physician Referral

Bryan Liang, MD, JD, PhD

February 10, 2003

Very often, a physician will refer a patient to our private practice audiology clinic for an ''Audiologic Evaluation and ENG'' with a diagnosis of ''Vertigo''. In the best interest of the patient, his...   Read More

Palatal Myoclonus

Kyle C. Dennis, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

February 3, 2003

I have heard little about palatal myoclonus and its associated objective tinnitus. Please elaborate on this subject. I have attempted to document the ''pulsatile'' contractions responsible for the tin...   Read More

CPT Coding for Speech Delay

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

February 3, 2003

We have children referred to us by their primary care physician for delayed speech, asking for a hearing test to be done to make sure they have normal hearing. What diagnosis code do you use for these...   Read More


Gap Detection

Robert Keith, PhD

January 27, 2003

What are the factors for gap detection (related to parameters of procedures, stimuli, etc.)?   Read More

Does Counseling Matter?

Megan Carreras

January 27, 2003

How important and effective is one-on-one counseling? Does it really matter, and is it really worth the time? Do handouts help educate the patient or are they seen as sales tools, rather than as sourc...   Read More

West Nile Virus and Cholesteatoma

Eric Sargent, MD

January 20, 2003

I have a patient who is a survivor of West Nile Virus. She lost mobility on her right side. Ever since she had the virus she noticed a decrease in right ear hearing. I sent her to her ENT and she had...   Read More

Evaluating Digital Hearing Aids

Carol Thomas Bryant, AuD

January 20, 2003

Can speech noise be used to evaluate digital hearing aids? If so, should the noise reduction circuits be turned off before the measurements are made? In the case of basic digital hearing instruments,...   Read More

Fitting Young Children with Directional Technology

Christine Jones

January 13, 2003

Do you recommend fitting children under 5 yrs. old with directional mics? We have been faced with several new referrals of young kids that we are fitting with Widex Divas, Phonak Claros, etc. and are...   Read More


Binaural Balance

Donald J. Schum, PhD

January 13, 2003

In practice we sometimes bump into the binaural Hearing Aid fitting with the instruments of different technologies. I mean the situation when patient is fitted with analog (classic) instrument on one...   Read More

Reimbursement Issues

Mark Kander

January 6, 2003

What are the reimbursement options for hospital audiology program administrators? How are flat-fee outpatient clinic rates, often incorporating an array of specialty services for Medicaid recipients b...   Read More

MRI and Cochlear Implants

Amy Popp, MA

January 6, 2003

I am case managing a 12 yo child with a history of brain tumor, which was removed at age 3, followed by radiation, chemo. He has had several CVA's post radiation and developed bilateral sensorineu...   Read More

Billing for Cerumen Removal

Kyle C. Dennis, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

December 23, 2002

Can Audiologists bill Medicare for cerumen removal? What is the code?   Read More

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