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Worker's Comp and Hearing Aid Benefit

David M. Lipscomb, PhD

December 6, 2004

I have a patient who filed a claim for occupational hearing loss in the Stateof Washington. The claim was allowed, but because the ENT stated thatthere was little benefit from amplification (mild, hig...   Read More


What is Frequency Compression?

Wendy Davis, MS

December 6, 2004

What is frequency compression, and please give an example?   Read More

Vestibular Neuronitis

Eric Sargent, MD

November 29, 2004

What are the symptoms of vestibular neuronitis? How long does vestibular neuronitis last? How do you get/catch vestibular neuronitis?   Read More


Repetition Rate and Auditory Neuropathy

Barbara Cone-Wesson, PhD

November 22, 2004

What is the effect of repetition rate on auditory neuropathy? Usually, we are unable to obtain a response at 11.1, 30.1, and at higher repetition rates, though we are sometimes able to obtain a respon...   Read More

Ear Canal Changes with Aging

Lance E. Jackson, MD

November 15, 2004

What are the anatomic and physiologic changes in the human ear canal due to aging?   Read More

Monitoring for Ototoxicity with OAEs

Kathleen C. M. Campbell, PhD

November 8, 2004

How often should OAE testing be done to monitor for ototoxicity, and when should you stop testing?   Read More


BI CROS Digital Aid

Lynda Clark, MS, CCC-A

November 1, 2004

Is there such a thing as a BI CROS digital aid?   Read More

Behavioral Assessment of Auditory Neuropathy

Barbara Cone-Wesson, PhD

October 25, 2004

I have been asked to follow a 2-year old with a diagnosed auditory neuropathy (diagnosed by two other outside pediatric Audiology centres). This child also has additional cognitive, developmental and...   Read More


Audiologic Findings with Down Syndrome

Wende Yellin, PhD

October 18, 2004

Are there typical audiological results for a child with Down Syndrome?   Read More


Auditory Dys-Synchrony and ASSR

Frank Musiek, PhD

October 11, 2004

What effects might auditory dys-synchrony have on Auditory Steady-State Response test results? How would this vary with different modulation rates, such as 80 Hz and 40 Hz. If possible, please provide...   Read More

Third Party Reimbursement for Hearing Aids

Kenneth Smith, AuD

October 4, 2004

I have recently had a few patients whose insurance includes hearing aid benefits. The insurance claims department tells us to submit our usual charges. They will reduce my charges to my contracted rat...   Read More

Calculating Workers Compensation

Bryan Liang, MD, JD, PhD

September 27, 2004

We are trying to find the most recent formula for binaural hearing impairment to be used for workers comp cases. I want to make sure we have the most recent and I am having difficulty finding a good s...   Read More

Reflex Decay Testing

Gerald Church, PhD

September 20, 2004

Please explain the procedure for reflex decay testing. Which ear is being tested and why?   Read More

Calculating Slow Phase Velocity of Nystagmus

Kamran Barin, PhD

September 13, 2004

How does one calculate the maximum slow phase velocity of a nystagmus beat?   Read More


Kenneth Lowder, AuD

September 6, 2004

What is the meaning of CPT? Is it similar to our DRG numbers?   Read More

Revising Baseline Audiogram Due to STS

Robert L. Folmer, PhD

August 30, 2004

A baseline audiogram was done in 1994. The patient had no STS (standard threshold shift) until this year, 2004. When do you change the baseline audio to the new audiogram?   Read More


Tinnitus and Herbal Drugs

Richard Carmen, AuD

August 23, 2004

Is there a connection between tinnitus and any of the popular herbal drugs (eg. St. John's Wort)?   Read More

Coding for Hearing Aids

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

August 16, 2004

I have heard from many insurance companies that the typical code forhearing aids-v5060 for monaural and v5140 for binaural are no longervalid. However, they will not give me the new codes, and I canno...   Read More


Prozac and Dizziness

Kathleen C. M. Campbell, PhD

August 9, 2004

I have been off prozac for 9 months but am still experiencing a feeling of imbalance accompanied by a feeling of fullness in my ears and head and tinnitus. I've been to an otolaryngologist, had an MRI...   Read More


Audiologic Findings with Down Syndrome

Wende Yellin, PhD

August 2, 2004

Are there typical audiological results for a child with Down Syndrome?   Read More


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