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CPT Codes & Billing for Tinnitus Maskers

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

March 4, 2002

What is the CPT code for a tinnitus masker? What is the likelihood that an insurance company will pay for one?   Read More


Management of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Robert M. DiSogra

February 25, 2002

What are the recent developments in the management of noise-induced hearing loss?   Read More


Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

Noel Cohen, MD

February 18, 2002

What are the most recent advances in the management of Large Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome (LVAS)? What is the audiologist's role?   Read More


Aural Rehab with a Hearing Impaired Teenager

Patricia B. Kricos, PhD, FAAA

February 11, 2002

What aural rehab recommendations would you suggest for a 14 year old whose audiogram revealed a low frequency sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear with excellent speech discrimination ability, a...   Read More


Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Tests

Robert W. Sweetow, PhD, FAAA

February 4, 2002

When is it appropriate to perform eustachian tube dysfunction testing? How is it performed and how are the results interpreted?   Read More

Efficacy of Using Drying Kits with Batteries

Dr. J. G. Neely

January 28, 2002

Can a dry-aid kit be used successfully to extend the life of zinc-air batteries? What about other types of batteries: such as NiCad, mercury, carbon, etc.?   Read More

Degree of Noise Reduction with Various Commercial Noise Protectors

Randy Morgan

January 21, 2002

Is there data on the amount of attenuation/NRR for custom silicone and acrylic earmolds as noise protectors? How do they compare with foam and premolded flanged disposables that are typically used?   Read More

CAPD/APD Age Restrictions

Barbara Beck, MA, CCC-A

January 14, 2002

At what age can APD/CAP disorders first be diagnosed? (Note: We use the terms APD -Auditory Processing Disorder and , CAPD- Central auditory processing Disorder interchangably)   Read More

Cerumen Production and Earmold Use

Randy Morgan

January 7, 2002

Is there any evidence that cerumen production is increased when using earmolds? Or, is it that earmolds block the ear from natural drainage so it just appears that there is more cerumen? Also, is ther...   Read More


Hearing Aids, Hearing and T-Coils

Cynthia (Cindy) L. Compton, PhD

December 31, 2001

What is the best communication system for hearing impaired people communicating with telephones? Please address ''Blue-Tooth'' and T-coil systems, and any other recommended technologies.   Read More


Noise Reduction Ratings

Deanna Meinke, MA, FAAA

December 24, 2001

Please discuss the current noise reduction rating (NRR) systems and their applicability to passive hearing protection devices.   Read More

Returns for Credit (RFC)

Michael Block

December 17, 2001

What is the current industry return rate of hearing aids, and what is the most common cause for those returns?   Read More


Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome

Eric Sargent, MD

December 10, 2001

Is there a difference between vestibular aqueduct syndrome and enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome? Please describe the medical and audiologic presentation that is most often related to this syndrom...   Read More


ECoG Electrodes

Robert J. Kemp, MBA

December 3, 2001

Is it safe to re-use extra-tympanic ECoG electrodes?   Read More


Marketing via local service organizations

Peter Mark, MD

November 26, 2001

Regarding business communities, how important is it to be active in the local service organizations (Lions, Rotary, Better Business Bureau, etc.)? If you were lecturing at one of their meetings, what...   Read More

Amplification and Bilateral Atresia

Donna S. Wayner, PhD

November 19, 2001

Please discuss possible audiologic management of bilateral atresia.   Read More


Touchless Telecoil

Jerry Yanz, PhD, FAAA

November 12, 2001

Describe how the Touchless Telecoil works and what advantages it offers. In what products is it available?   Read More


Infant Hearing Screening

Carole Campbell, MS, CCC-A, Roanne Karzon, PhD, CCC-A

November 5, 2001

What are the relative merits of ABR and OAE for screening premature infants?   Read More


Advertising in the local newspaper

Peter Mark, MD

October 26, 2001

If you were writing an advertisement for a local newspaper, what are the key ingredients that should be included in the advertisement (and why) and what should be avoided (and why)?   Read More

Dry Aid Kits and Batteries

Rick Gilbert

October 22, 2001

What do you recommend regarding battery placement in the Dry-Aid kit?   Read More


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