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Coding for TRT

Pawel J. Jastreboff, PhD, ScD

August 19, 2002

What CPT codes do you use for TRT and hyperacusis therapy?   Read More


Cochlear Implants and the Mentally Retarded Population

Aimee Gross

August 19, 2002

Do you recommend cochlear implants in the MR (mentally retarded) population, and is there any data to support your recommendation?   Read More

Hearing Loss and ADD

Robert M. DiSogra

August 12, 2002

How can you tell if a person with hearing loss also has ADD?   Read More


Bundling versus UnBundling

August 12, 2002

Please tell me about bundling versus unbundling and the advantages and disadvantages of each.   Read More

Start-Up Costs

Don W. Worthington, PhD

August 5, 2002

What is the bottom-line cost of starting a private practice in audiology these days, and what is the breakdown of these costs?   Read More

Meningitis and Cochlear Implants

Thomas Balkany, MD, FACS, FAAP

July 29, 2002

Audiology Online and Healthy Hearing have sought input from authoritative and well respected sources regarding meningitis and cochlear implantation. The question posed below is a compilation, combinin...   Read More

Factors Impacting Successful Cochlear Implantation

Aimee Gross

July 22, 2002

Can you please tell me what are the factors that impact successful cochlear implantation, and importantly, what are the predisposing factors which indicate a less than ideal candidate?   Read More

Walking antenna, metallic fillings and Lucille Ball.

Robert L. Folmer, PhD

July 15, 2002

My mother-in-law keeps hearing music / radio stations and other noises (in both ears). She has had scans etc and has been told that she's very healthy and nothing is wrong. Please help and/or forward...   Read More


Tone Burst ABR

Michelle R. Petrak, PhD, CCC-A

July 8, 2002

At approximately what latency would you expect to find 500, 2000, 4000 tone burst using 37.1 presentations per second as the rate, at about 30 dBnHL?   Read More

OAE CPT Coding for Newborn Hearing Screening

Theodore J. Glattke, PhD

July 1, 2002

Could you give me the correct coding for OAE's in doing newborn hearing testing?   Read More


Canalith Repositioning Treatment

Henry Trahan, MCD

June 24, 2002

What role does canalith repositioning treatment (CRT) play in the treatment of vertigo? What signs on ENG would indicate the need for CRT?   Read More

Multiple Microphone Technology

Pam Burton

June 17, 2002

I just read about a three microphone hearing aid system. Please tell me about the three mic system, versus the two mic system, versus the one mic system? What are the differences between them and do t...   Read More

Microphones & Polar Patterns

Laurel Olson, MA, CCC-A

June 10, 2002

What is the difference between Fixed Directionality and Adaptive (Flexible) Directionality?   Read More

Lyme Disease and Hearing Loss

Brian Perry, MD

June 3, 2002

Does Lyme disease cause hearing loss? What medications are used in treament?   Read More

Caloric Inversion

Henry Trahan, MCD

May 27, 2002

When doing caloric testing and the result is the opposite of what is expected, how do you plug that into the formula to figure UL and DP? Some people tell me you take it as a 0, others have suggested...   Read More

Hyperacusis in Children

Pawel J. Jastreboff, PhD, ScD

May 20, 2002

How does one test for hyperacusis in children, and what are the recommended strategies?   Read More


Hearing, Hearing Loss and Spouses

John Greer Clark, PhD

May 13, 2002

Would you please discuss the influence of the spouse (or significant other) regarding seeking solutions for hearing loss, hearing aid sales, and successful AR with amplification?   Read More

Brackmann Facial Nerve Grading System

Douglas Beck, AuD

May 6, 2002

Can you please explain the Brackmann facial nerve grading system? I see patients every month or two with Bell's palsy, and the physicians refer to the Brackmann system. Please explain.   Read More

APD/CAP - What to do?

Teri James Bellis, PhD

April 29, 2002

Dr Bellis: If you had a 9 year old boy with normal puretones, normal immitance, normal SRTs, normal WRSs, but the child was suspected of having CAP difficulties, and if you had only ONE CAP test you c...   Read More

VA Hearing Aid Benefits

Kyle C. Dennis, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

April 22, 2002

Dr. Dennis, every now and then I see a veteran in the office. More often than not, I have no idea if they are eligible for VA benefits. Are all veterans eligible for VA hearing aid benefits? How do I...   Read More

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