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Textbook CE Course: Tinnitus: Advances in Prevention, Assessment, and Management
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Aniruddha Deshpande, PhD, James W. Hall III, PhD
Course: #39364Level: Advanced47.5 Hours
"Tinnitus: Advances in Prevention, Assessment, and Management addresses the widespread issue of inaccurate information on tinnitus, a condition searched over 110,000 times monthly. This resource, presented in an accessible format, compiles evidence-based insights from peer-reviewed journals to serve as a practical guide for healthcare professionals, students, and individuals dealing with bothersome tinnitus, covering prevention, assessment, and management, including recent developments related to COVID-19 and social media."

Textbook CE Course: Music and Hearing Aids - A Clinical Approach
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Marshall Chasin, AuD
Course: #39245Level: Advanced13.5 Hours
Music and Hearing Aids: A Clinical Approach is a relevant guide for hearing health professionals working with hard-of-hearing musicians and enthusiasts, offering practical strategies to optimize amplified music for this population. The book provides a reader-friendly exploration of wavelength acoustics and essential music basics while also identifying gaps in research and technology for potential field advancements.

Textbook CE Course: Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography (ENG & VNG)
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Devin L. McCaslin, PhD
Course: #39082Level: Intermediate12.5 Hours
The second edition of Electronystagmography and Videonystagmography (ENG/VNG) serves as a practical guide for conducting and interpreting ENG/VNG examinations, covering normal and impaired vestibular system function, central nervous system compensation, and ENG/VNG subtests. Additionally, it includes information on common dizziness-causing disorders diagnostic criteria, and provides illustrative case studies for both graduate students and practicing clinicians.

Textbook CE Course: Complex Cochlear Implant Cases: Management and Troubleshooting
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Josh Sevier, AuD, LLM
Course: #39083Level: Advanced23.5 Hours
Complex Cochlear Implant Cases: Management and Troubleshooting is a resource for cochlear implant audiologists, offering insights into challenging cases involving issues like mapping, equipment problems, and medical conditions. The book presents real-life cases with clinical presentations, audiological testing, and programming suggestions, accompanied by questions for readers to engage with, ultimately providing practical solutions and key takeaways for managing intricate cochlear implant cases.

Textbook CE Course: Relationship-Centered Consultation Skills for Audiologists
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Brian Taylor, AuD
Course: #38440Level: Intermediate32 Hours
As hearing aid technology becomes more automated and easier to use for persons with hearing loss, the need for humanistic interactions with a professional is more important than ever. A how-to guide for clinicians who want to provide evidence-based, holistic care to persons with hearing loss is discussed. By focusing on person-centered communication, this practical text is an incredible tool for providers who utilize both in-person and remote telehealth approaches to care.

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