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Non-Surgical Baha® Options for Children: Key Considerations

Lisa Vaughn, AuD

February 10, 2020

Interview with Lisa Christensen, AuD, Audiology Program Manager at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas regarding non-surgical Baha® options for children.   Read More


Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery: Benefits for Patients and Surgeons

Harold Kim, MD

July 10, 2017

Interview with Harold Kim, MD, Medical Director, Northwest Ear Institute   Read More


Bone Anchored Hearing Innovations from Oticon Medical: Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery (MIPS)

Laura Phelps, MS

February 8, 2016

Q & A with Laura Phelps, Director of Clinical Audiology, Oticon Medical   Read More


Interview with Gregory J. Artz, MD, Neurotologist and Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University

Gregory Artz

October 8, 2012

Topic: Medical Advances in Bone Conduction Implantation, and Pre- and Post-surgical Patient Management   Read More


Interview with Melissa Tumblin, Founder, Ear Community

Melissa Tumblin

July 16, 2012

Topic: Ear Community - Online Resource for Microtia/Atresia   Read More


Interview with Samer Fakhri, M.D., Associate Professor and Otolaryngology Residency Program Director, The University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Samer Fakhri, MD

March 19, 2012

Topic: Using Cord Blood Stem Cells to Potentially Treat Hearing Loss - FDA-Regulated Phase I Safety Study   Read More


Interview with Ravi Sockalingam, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research and Professional Relations, Oticon Medical

Ravi Sockalingam, PhD

October 24, 2011

Topic: Introducing Oticon Ponto Pro Power   Read More


Interview with William House, M.D.

William F. House, MD

August 29, 2011

Topic: New Memoir - The Struggles of a Medical Innovator. Cochlear Implants and Other Ear Surgeries   Read More


Interview with Ravi Sockalingam, Ph.D., Oticon Medical

Ravi Sockalingam, PhD

June 27, 2011

Topic: Third International Symposium on Bone Conduction Hearing - Craniofacial Osseointegration (OSSEO)   Read More


Interview with George Cire, Au.D., Cochlear Americas

George Cire, AuD

April 18, 2011

Topic: 30 Years of Baha® Advancements, and Counting   Read More


Interview with Ravi Sockalingam, Ph.D. Director of Clinical Research, Oticon Medical

Ravi Sockalingam, PhD

March 7, 2011

Topic: Clinical Research at Oticon Medical   Read More


Interview with Anton Hedström, Product Manager, Oticon Medical

Anton Hedström

January 17, 2011

Topic: Ponto and Ponto Pro - New Features, New Research   Read More


Interview with Peter Weber, M.D. & Eric Wilkinson, M.D.

Eric Wilkinson, MD

December 13, 2010

Topic: The New Cochlear™ Baha® 3 System   Read More


Interview with Shlomo Silman, Ph.D.

Shlomo Silman, PhD

March 15, 2010

Topic: Dr. Silman's research, the EarPopper and new patent   Read More


Interview with David Alstead, Pianist

David Alstead

July 3, 2006

Topic: New Twists on Solo Piano and Meniere's Disease   Read More


Interview with Peter Roland, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Peter Roland, MD

December 26, 2005

Topic: Cochlear Implants 2005 - A Surgeon's View   Read More


Interview with P.J. Long, Author & Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

P.J. Long

October 24, 2005

Topic: 'Gifts From the The Broken Jar: Rediscovering Hope, Beauty and Joy'   Read More


Interview with Sam Marzo, M.D., Neurotologist, Department of Otolaryngology, Loyola University Medical Center

Sam Marzo, MD

August 22, 2005

Topic: Direct Bone Conduction Systems   Read More


Interview with Nina Kraus Ph.D., Northwestern University

Nina Kraus, PhD

June 20, 2005

Topic: Neural Plasticity, Auditory Neuropathy and BioMAP   Read More


Interview with John Rutka MD, Co-Author of "Ototoxicity"

John Rutka, MD

April 18, 2005

Topic: Ototoxicity -- Issues and Answers   Read More


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