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How to Advocate for Educational Audiology

Kym Meyer, MS, CCC-A

November 25, 2019

Educational audiology is a related service stated in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (special education law), but service provision varies, depending on the area of the country. This c...   Read More


Classroom + Learning Series: Nucleus Technology in the Classroom

Amy Donaldson, AuD, CCC-A

October 29, 2018

Educational audiologists are asked to work with a wide range of technologies in the classroom, and technology for children with cochlear implants is changing fast. This course will review current Nucl...   Read More


School Audiology and Community Audiology Partnerships

Gail Whitelaw, PhD

September 28, 2018

This course will focus on the critical partnership between educational/school audiology and community audiology services. Issues that maximize educational and communication outcomes for school-aged ch...   Read More


Cochlear Implants: Educational Planning for School-Age Children

Debra Nussbaum, MA

March 26, 2018

This course will address the numerous planning considerations for school age children using cochlear implant technology. It will discuss the many interwoven factors that impact student outcomes, effec...   Read More


An Innovative and Cost Effective Approach to Wireless Remote Microphones in Schools

Megan Quilter, AuD, Neil Wright, AuD

October 2, 2017

This article reviews the use of Hearing Assistive Technology in educational settings and presents a cost-effective solution for usage of the most commonly recommended technology.   Read More


Educational Solutions for Children with Listening Challenges

Lisa Dyre, AuD, CCC-A

June 20, 2016

Today's world is a noisy place. The importance of a good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for all students cannot be overstated. Providing an acoustically beneficial environment can be a challenge, not onl...   Read More


Core Strategies for Supporting Children with Deafness and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Part 1

Christy Borders, Stacey Jones Bock

December 15, 2014

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live seminar. Download supplemental course materials here.Valeri LeBeau: I will be your host today for this class, Planning Interven...   Read More


Deafness with Autism: A School Age Communication Perspective

Michelle Leach, MS, CCC-SLP, Valeri LeBeau, MS, CCC-SLP

November 17, 2014

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live webinar. Download supplemental course materials.Valeri Le Beau: My name is Valeri Le Beau, and I will be your host today. We ho...   Read More


20Q: The Audiologist as Gatekeeper for Language and Cognition

Derek Stiles, PhD

February 10, 2014

1. I know you’re an audiologist, but I’ve heard that you also know a few things about language development?Well, I think any audiologist who works frequently with children also deals with...   Read More


The Three P’s: Enhancing a Student’s Education through Private Audiology Services, Public Education Audiology, and Parents

Janet DesGeorges

June 17, 2013

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live seminar. Download supplemental course materials here (link to handout).The essence of this topic is about relationship building...   Read More


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