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Fitting Young Children with Directional Technology

Christine Jones

January 13, 2003

Do you recommend fitting children under 5 yrs. old with directional mics? We have been faced with several new referrals of young kids that we are fitting with Widex Divas, Phonak Claros, etc. and are...   Read More


Prescription Hearing Aids

Liz Brassine, AuD

December 23, 2002

Can you use any hearing aid available (for instance, borrow someone else's) or do hearing aids need to be prescribed and made particularly for each individual? Can using the wrong hearing aids cause m...   Read More

Digital Hearing Aids for Children

Christine Jones, Liz Brassine, AuD

October 14, 2002

Why should I consider DIGITAL hearing aids for children with severe to profound hearing loss?   Read More


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