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Q&A from the most trusted names in audiology.

Annoyance and Hearing Aids

Donald J. Schum, PhD

April 11, 2001

Your article, ''Annoyance and Hearing Aids'' suggests several sources of user annoyance with amplification. How might digital signal processors impact ''annoyance'' iss...   Read More

Hearing Aid Repair Rates

Michael Block

April 6, 2001

What is the frequency of hearing aid repair for new hearing aids manufactured in the USA? What are the primary sources of hearing aid failure?   Read More


Ear Mold Materials

Randy Morgan

March 30, 2001

Does the degree and type of hearing loss impact the decision to use hard versus soft ear mold materials?   Read More

International Issues

Robert M. Traynor, EdD, MBA

March 25, 2001

What is the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) doing to better serve the needs of audiologists and the hearing impaired beyond the borders of the USA?   Read More

Counseling Skills

Kris English, PhD

March 19, 2001

The term ''counseling skills'' is appearing in more audiology literature, but specific information on the nature of counseling skills is often lacking. Could you describe the basics of counseling as t...   Read More

Cerumen Removal

Bryan Liang, MD, JD, PhD

March 12, 2001

For clinical audiologists performing cerumen removal, what is the level of informed consent recommended to best comply with ethical standards, statutory regulations, and liability concerns?   Read More


Group Support Programs

Patricia B. Kricos, PhD, FAAA

March 1, 2001

Does research indicate group support programs have greater success rates than one-on-one counseling regarding new hearing aid fittings?   Read More

Distance AuD

Tabitha Parent, AuD

March 1, 2001

Do you anticipate there will be distance learning for clinicians seekingthe Au.D. after 2005?   Read More

Tinnitus Severity Index

Robert L. Folmer, PhD

February 25, 2001

Please discuss normative data you have collected on Dr. Meikle's ''Tinnitus Severity Index'' (TSI) and how the TSI relates to severity of tinnitus.   Read More

Infection Control

Robert J. Kemp, MBA

February 20, 2001

What options are available to the audiologist for sterilizing equipment? What equipment needs to be sterilized?   Read More


ECochG use in Meniere's Disease diagnosis

John A. Ferraro, PhD, MS, ASHA Fellow, FAAA

February 15, 2001

In most clinical settings, it appears the diagnosis of Meniere's disease is based on the clinical judgment of the physician. In light of this, please address the clinical utility of ECochG.   Read More


Directionality and WDRC

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

February 5, 2001

How is directionality affected by hearing aids utilizing wide dynamic range compression?   Read More

Middle Ear Implants

Marshall Chasin, AuD

January 25, 2001

What are the potential benefits of Middle Ear Implants as compared toconventional amplification? How do they compare in terms of their lifeexpectancy and cost effectiveness?   Read More


Using Probe Mics to Measure Directionality

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

January 24, 2001

How do you use probe microphone measures to assess the integrity of directional microphone hearing aids?   Read More

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