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Dry-Aid Kits

Rick Gilbert

September 21, 2001

What is the recommended usage schedule for Dry-Aid kits?   Read More

Directional Microphones

Dave Smriga

September 14, 2001

Can you please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the multiple polar plots available in digital products? Specifically, what are the ideal situations for each polar pattern?   Read More

Reimbursement for Professional Services

Robert C. Fifer, PhD

September 10, 2001

Please address the impact of new HCFA rulings on reimbursement for audiology services. Can you anticipate the timetable for these changes to occur?   Read More

Cochlear implant - which ear?

William Slattery, MD

September 4, 2001

Regarding cochlear implantation, what are the criteria for determining which ear to implant -- from a surgeon's viewpoint?   Read More

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Certification

Susan Gold

August 24, 2001

What constitutes sufficient training for audiologists interested in providing Tinnitus Retraining Therapy?   Read More

Au.D. Status Report

Delbert Ault, AuD

August 20, 2001

Could you please provide an update regarding the numbers of audiologists who have obtained the Au.D. and who are currently pursuing the Au.D.? What is the projected status of the Au.D. for 2005?   Read More

Video ENG

Gary Jacobson, PhD

August 11, 2001

Because Video-ENG does not rely on the corneoretinal potential for recording, is it possible to perform Video ENG on blind patients?   Read More


Robert Keith, PhD

August 3, 2001

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the SCAN-C as a screening tool for Auditory Processing Disorders?   Read More

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Timeline

Susan Gold

July 16, 2001

How long is the average patient enrolled in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy before he or she can appreciate benefit?   Read More


Henry Trahan, MCD

July 16, 2001

For patients with "true spinning vertigo," how common is the diagnosis of BPPV and how successful are repositioning maneuvers when BPPV is diagnosed? How successful is vestibular rehabilitation therap...   Read More

BTE Repair Rates

Michael Block

July 13, 2001

What are repair rates for BTEs and what is the most common cause of BTE repair?   Read More

Percentage of Hearing Loss

Robert Dobie, MD

July 6, 2001

What are the most popular methods used to calculate ''percentage of hearing loss?'' Please give examples   Read More

Counseling for Instant-Fit Hearing Aids

Victor Bray, PhD

June 29, 2001

How do you counsel patients regarding purchasing decisions relating to custom versus instant-fit versus disposable hearing instruments?   Read More


Occupational Hearing Screenings

Lee D. Hager

June 22, 2001

For persons conducting occupational hearing screenings, what are the recommended criteria for initiating audiologic referral?   Read More

Endolymphatic Hydrops

William Slattery, MD

June 15, 2001

In what other medical condition or disease process, besides Meniere's disease, does endolymphatic hydrops present?   Read More


Tinnitus Management for a "Dead" Ear

Pawel J. Jastreboff, PhD, ScD

June 1, 2001

What options and recommendations are available for patients reporting unilateral tinnitus in their dead ear?   Read More

Instant-fit hearing aids

Victor Bray, PhD

May 25, 2001

There has been much debate regarding the potential impact of instant-fit hearing instruments. How do you envision the future of these products, and how they will enhance or detract from sales of custo...   Read More

Hearing Aid Comparison: Custom, Instant, Disposable

Fred Fritz, MBA

May 18, 2001

Please compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of conventional, versus instant-fit, versus disposable hearing aids?   Read More

Pediatric ENG

Gary Jacobson, PhD

May 11, 2001

How do ENG protocols differ for testing pediatric patients? What is the youngest age recommended for performing this test? At what point might balance assessment be necessary for pediatric patients?   Read More


Middle Ear Implants

Marshall Chasin, AuD

May 7, 2001

What characteristics identify patients as ideal candidates for Middle Ear Implants versus conventional hearing aids?   Read More


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