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What is the Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) and Why is it Important?

Michele Fusco, AuD

November 17, 2014

What is the Cochlear Provider Network (CPN) and why is it important?   Read More

Three Interfaces Every Audiologist Should Have for Their Business

Tom Robbins

November 10, 2014

I’m looking for audiology software that will help with efficiency in my practice. What does TIMS offer?   Read More

What is the Best Way to Assess Non-Linear Frequency Compression?

Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

November 3, 2014

What is the best way to assess non-linear frequency compression (NFC)?   Read More

What Are the Benefits of the Ponto Plus Bone-anchored Hearing System?

Rebecca Cihocki, AuD

October 27, 2014

What Are the Benefits of the Ponto Plus Bone-anchored Hearing System?   Read More

Is a Trough-shaped Audiogram the Same as a Cookie Bite Audiogram?

L. Maureen Valente, PhD

October 20, 2014

Is a trough-shaped audiogram the same as a cookie bite audiogram?   Read More


Should Manufacturers’ Proprietary First Fit Be Used to Program Hearing Aids?

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, Todd Ricketts, PhD

October 13, 2014

Data show that by using the manufacturers’ proprietary ‘first fit’ hearing aid programming settings, we may be fitting hearing aids 10 dB or more below the true NAL-NL2 prescriptive...   Read More


What are the Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries for Rechargeable Hearing Aid Solutions?

Ross Dueber, PhD

October 6, 2014

What are the benefits of rechargeable batteries for rechargeable hearing aid solutions?   Read More

How Do I Get Started Offering Tinnitus Management Services in my Practice?

Casie Keaton, AuD, CCC-A

October 6, 2014

I'm thinking of offering tinnitus services in my audiology practice next year. How do I get started?   Read More


What is Unitron's Focus in Terms of New Technology Development?

Jan Metzdorff

September 29, 2014

What can professionals expect to see coming from Unitron, in terms of technology development?   Read More

How Long Before a Patient Receives Maximum Benefit from Non-Linear Frequency Compression?

Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

September 29, 2014

How long will it take for a Patient to Receive Maximum Benefit from Non-Linear Frequency Compression (NFC)?   Read More

What is Your Opinion on Bone-Air Gaps?

L. Maureen Valente, PhD

September 22, 2014

What is your opinion when you see a bone conduction threshold that is worse than the air conduction threshold at the same frequency on an audiogram?   Read More


What FM Systems Can Be Used with Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power?

Rebecca Cihocki, AuD

September 22, 2014

What FM Systems Can Be Used with Ponto Plus and Ponto Plus Power?   Read More


Is Requesting a Physician’s Order for a Hearing Test Considered Solicitation?

Kim Cavitt, AuD

September 15, 2014

I know that the patient is responsible for getting the physician’s order for a hearing test under Medicare, and that we can’t request it of the physician or it is considered solicitation....   Read More

How is Wireless Connectivity Used with Bone Anchored Hearing Solutions?

Jaime Leigh Westbrook, AuD

September 8, 2014

How is wireless connectivity used with bone anchored hearing solutions?   Read More

Is Developing a Tinnitus Specialty a Challenge?

Casie Keaton, AuD, CCC-A

August 25, 2014

I’m thinking about adding tinnitus services to my practice. Is developing a tinnitus specialty a challenge?   Read More


How Do I Adjust Hearing Aids for Own Voice Complaints?

Jennifer Groth

August 25, 2014

How do I make adjustments to the hearing instrument for own voice complaints?   Read More

Does Non-Linear Frequency Compression Improve Listening in Noise?

Christine Jones, AuD, CCC-A

August 18, 2014

Does non-linear frequency compression (NFC) improve listening in noise?   Read More

How does Oticon’s Audiological Focus Relate to ‘BrainHearing’?

Søren Nielsen

August 11, 2014

I'm hearing more and more about the relationship between the brain and hearing/hearing loss. How does Oticon’s audiological focus tap into this concept of "brain hearing"?   Read More

How Can I Get Up to Speed on Speech Mapping and Real Ear?

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

August 4, 2014

I know that real ear measures are part of best practices, but I must admit my skills are pretty rusty since my graduate school training, and I know very little about speech mapping. Any suggestions f...   Read More

Is There a Sonic Flip40 RIC?

Erin Reichert, MS

July 28, 2014

I heard that Sonic now has a Flip40 RIC, is that true or just wishful thinking?   Read More

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