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HyperSound Launches Tinnitus Feature for HyperSound Clear 500P

Rodney Schutt

October 3, 2016

Interview with Rodney Schutt, SVP and General Manager, HyperSound, Turtle Beach Corp   Read More

HyperSound Solution for TV and Home Theaters Offers Benefits for People with Hearing Loss and Their Families

Rodney Schutt, Brian Taylor, AuD

September 7, 2015

Interview with Rodney Schutt and Brian Taylor, HyperSound   Read More

New Study Shows Phonak's Roger Technology Enables People with Hearing Loss to Hear Better than People with Normal Hearing

Linda K. Thibodeau, PhD, CCC-A/SLP

December 22, 2014

Interview with Linda Thibodeau, PhD   Read More


Oticon's ConnectLine App Connects to iPhone® Through Upgraded Streamer Pro

Søren Nielsen

May 12, 2014

Interview with Søren Nielsen   Read More


Access to the Telephone for People with Hearing Loss: CaptionCall’s Case Against the FCC

Bruce Peterson

May 12, 2014

Interview with Bruce Peterson, Senior Director – Marketing, CaptionCall.   Read More

Esteem Hearing Implant from Envoy Medical

Brent Lucas, Liz Anderson, PhD

December 2, 2013

Interview with Brent Lucas and Liz Anderson, Envoy Medical   Read More


Introducing Phonak Sky Q and Roger Pen

Angela Pelosi, Hans E. Mülder

November 11, 2013

Interview with Angela Pelosi and Hans Mülder, Phonak AG   Read More


Interview with Curtis Amann, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Neuromonics, Inc.

Curtis Amann, MBA

May 20, 2013

Introducing the Neuromonics Sanctuary™ for Relief of Mild and Moderate Tinnitus   Read More


Interview with Ragnar Åhgren, Comfort Audio

Ragnar Åhgren

April 29, 2013

Topic: New Technology & Solutions for People with Hearing Loss   Read More


Interview with Jeffrey Bradford, Director of Marketing, CaptionCall

Jeffrey Bradford

April 22, 2013

Topic: How Qualified Patients with Hearing Loss Can Obtain CaptionCall   Read More

Interview with Dr. Hans E. Mülder, Director Marketing and Senior Audiologist at Phonak Communications, Phonak Headquarters, Switzerland

Hans E. Mülder

April 8, 2013

Topic: Introducing Roger, a New Wireless Standard   Read More


Interview with Nina Kraus, PhD, Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University

Nina Kraus, PhD

February 11, 2013

Topic: Assistive Devices Drive Neuroplasticity in Children with Reading Problems - New Research Findings   Read More


Interview with Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD, Product Manager, Oticon A/S, Denmark

Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD

January 21, 2013

Topic: Introducing Amigo Star, A New Ear-Level FM Receiver   Read More


Interview with John Cariola, Au.D., Director of Product Management, Beltone

John Cariola, AuD

February 6, 2012

Topic: Beltone's myPAL and Wireless Accessories   Read More


Interview with Ragnar Åhgren, Comfort Audio

Ragnar Åhgren

January 16, 2012

Topic: Comfort Digisystem, Digital Wireless Listening System   Read More

Interview with Christine Jones, Au.D., National Manager of Pediatrics, Phonak US

Christine Jones

January 9, 2012

Topic: Phonak's Pediatric Portfolio   Read More


Interview with Jenny Groth, M.A., Director of Audiology Communication, ReSound

Jenny Groth, MA

July 11, 2011

Topic: Wireless Hearing Aid Technology - Misconceptions & Facts   Read More


Interview with Pat Henry, Director, Government Services, Wireless, and Pediatrics, Phonak

Patrick Henry

August 30, 2010

Topic: Phonak's Dynamic SoundField System   Read More


Interview with Oaktree Product's Sassy B. Kemp

Sassy B. Kemp

August 2, 2010

Topic: The Dog Days of Summer - Key Products Every Hearing Care Professional Should Know About   Read More


Interview with Sam Westover, Chairman & CEO, Sonic Innovations, & Kathy Landon, VP Products & Marketing, Sonic Innovations

Sam Westover, Kathy Landon

May 10, 2010

Topic: Sonic Innovations Product Portfolio: Design, Technology, Awards and more   Read More


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