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Hearing Aid Batteries: The Past, Present, and Future

Heike Heuermann, PhD, Rebecca Herbig, AuD

October 19, 2016

Modern digital hearing aids offer a huge variety of form factors, features, and wireless connectivity options that allow for individual hearing solutions. However, the price of functions like situatio...   Read More


Notch Therapy: A New Approach to Tinnitus Treatment

Leanne Powers, AuD, Gisele Munhoes dos Santos, PhD, Catherine Jons, AuD

October 13, 2016

Tinnitus affects a staggering number of individuals. Population studies conducted in six different countries reported the incidence of prolonged tinnitus varying between 4.4 and 15.1 percent for adult...   Read More


Signia Expert Series: Speech-in-Noise Testing for Selection and Fitting of Hearing Aids: Worth the Effort?

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

September 30, 2016

In 2010, I conducted a survey at two audiology professional meetings, of 107 audiologists who routinely fit hearing aids. The purpose of the survey was to look at audiologists’ use of speech-in-nois...   Read More


Reducing Listening Effort via primax Hearing Technology

Rebecca Herbig, AuD, Matthias Froehlich, PhD

June 9, 2016

When listening situations become noisier or more challenging, this is even more important. However, beyond improving speech intelligibility, another indicator of the effectiveness of hearing aid fitti...   Read More

Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting Tips Gleaned from Recent Research

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

May 23, 2016

The first thing I would like to talk about is the Acceptable Noise Level (ANL) test that was developed at the University of Tennessee, based on the research of Anna Nabelek dating back to 1991. For th...   Read More

Music Lovers and Hearing Aids

Gyorgy Varallyay, PhD, Soren Vase Legarth, M.Sc.E.E., Tish Ramirez, AuD

February 26, 2016

Some people cannot imagine life without music - it relaxes, inspires, and for many, completes their lives. Music has a different meaning for each person, and there are individual preferences, but most...   Read More

New Wireless, Binaural Processing Reduces Problems Associated with Wind Noise in Hearing Aids

Katja Freels, Dipl.Ing., Claudia Pischel, MSc, Cecil Wilson, MSc, Tish Ramirez, AuD

October 12, 2015

With today’s hearing aid technology, we have become accustomed to providing significant aided benefit for our patients in a variety of listening conditions. Speech recognition in both quiet and in b...   Read More


Interventional Audiology: When is it Time to Move Out of the Booth?

Catherine Palmer, PhD

September 14, 2015

Interventional audiology means managing hearing loss in order to impact other primary concerns. Hearing loss is neither the person’s nor the other health care provider’s primary concern. As an aud...   Read More

Improving Cell Phone Listening With Hearing Aids: A New Adaptive Streaming Volume Algorithm

Rosa-Linde Fischer, PhD, Dirk Mauler, PhD, Lisa Klop, AuD

June 7, 2015

In many countries today, over 90% of the adult population owns a mobile phone, and the majority of these are smart phones. Mobile phone use is not just for younger individuals — at least 75 per...   Read More

Automatic Steering: The Director of the binax Soundtrack

Gyorgy Varallyay, PhD, Sebastian Pape, Carol Meyers, AuD

June 5, 2015

IntroductionThe number of bilateral fittings has been growing continuously worldwide, according to EuroTrak 2012 and JapanTrak 2012 (Hougaard, Ruf, & Egger, 2013). This should not be unexpected, a...   Read More

Siemens Expert Series: Matching Technology & Features to Patient Needs

Catherine Palmer, PhD

June 1, 2015

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live webinar. Download supplemental course materials.Dr. Catherine Palmer: Today’s topic of matching technology and features is...   Read More

Speech Recognition Benefit Obtained from Binaural Beamforming Hearing Aids: Comparison to Omnidirectional and Individuals with Normal Hearing

Matthias Froehlich, PhD, Katja Freels, Dipl.Ing., Thomas A. Powers, PhD

May 28, 2015

AbstractObjective: Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of a new hearing aid binaural beamforming algorithm; specifically, comparing the aided speech recognition of individuals with hearing loss to th...   Read More

Siemens Expert Series: Day-To-Day Hearing Aid Fittings - Clinical Nuggets from Recent Research

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

April 27, 2015

Dr. Mueller: Many hearing aid related articles in the audiology literature contain findings with direct clinical applications. However, keeping up with all of them is no easy task. Last year, there...   Read More

Directional Steering for Special Listening Situations: Benefit Supported by Research Evidence

Eric Branda, AuD, Joel Beilin, MScEE, Thomas A. Powers, PhD

September 22, 2014

Since the introduction of the directional hearing aid over 40 years ago, this technology has proven to be one of the most successful solutions for improving speech understanding in background noise....   Read More


Siemens Expert Series: Trainable Hearing Aids - Friend or Foe for the Clinician?

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD

July 14, 2014

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live seminar. Download supplemental course materials here.How Trainable Hearing Aids WorkMany of you recall when data logging was int...   Read More

Clinical Comparison of a Manufacturer’s Proprietary Fitting Algorithm to the NAL-NL2 Prescriptive Method

Thomas A. Powers, PhD, Eric Branda, AuD, Joel Beilin, MScEE

June 16, 2014

Understandably, much of the focus related to the fitting of hearing aids centers on the core digital technology and the advanced algorithms for special signal processing. The amplified signal needs t...   Read More

Clinical Management of Tinnitus

Leanne Powers, AuD, Tish Ramirez, AuD

March 25, 2014

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live seminar. Download supplemental course materials here.Leanne Powers: Over the next hour, we are going to look at past and curren...   Read More

Siemens Expert Series: Evidence-Based Management of Troublesome Tinnitus - Practical Guidelines for the Practicing Professional

James W. Hall III, PhD

September 30, 2013

Editor’s Note: This text course is an edited transcript of a live webinar. Download supplemental course materials.Dr. James Hall: I have a policy that I have maintained for the past 40 years: I...   Read More

Siemens Expert Series: Normal Loudness Perception: Is it Important, Is it Achievable?

Catherine Palmer, PhD

July 29, 2013

It is nice to be back in the Siemens Seminar Series talking about a topic that I find interesting, normal loudness perception. I am approaching this from all three areas in which I work - teaching at...   Read More


Real World Assessment of Auditory Localization Using Hearing Aids

Rosa-Linde Fischer, PhD, Jennifer Weber, AuD

April 22, 2013

Auditory localization has been researched for hundreds of years, in both animals and humans. One of the most widely studied animals is the barn owl, as this species is known for its exceptional local...   Read More

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