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HearUSA Network- AudioNet Programs
HearUSA CEU courses
Presented by Devin Carwin
Recorded Webinar
Course: #28367Level: Introductory0.25 Hours
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Educates new and existing providers on AudioNet programs by focusing on 3 primary objections: Provider requirements, Understanding member benefits, and Step by step protocol for processing these referrals through the HearUSA network.

Sonic Spotlight Series: 6 Steps to Success
Sonic CEU courses
Presented by Scott Bunnell, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #283150.5 Hours
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Are you spending too much time doing a first fit? Follow these six easy steps to learn how to first fit Sonic products efficiently and successfully.

20Q: Frequency Lowering Ten Years Later - New Technology Innovations
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Joshua M. Alexander, PhD
Course: #28307Level: Advanced4 Hours
This article is a highly technical discussion that compares and contrasts modern frequency lowering approaches for hearing aids and includes a generic protocol for determining the initial settings for fitting this technology.

The Listening Room en Español
Advanced Bionics CEU courses
Presented by Carina Rodriguez, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #27982Level: Introductory1 Hour
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Obtenga recursos de rehAB en Español a través de la plataforma Online TheListeningRoomTM de Advanced Bionics. Ahora en versión multilingüe con acceso a todas las herramientas diseñadas y adaptadas al español de Latinoamérica. Aprenda a acceder, navegar y usar materiales para apoyar el desarrollo de las habilidades de audición y lenguaje, maximizando el potencial del Implante Coclear.

Get Connected; Technology Update on Bilateral and Bimodal Hearing
Advanced Bionics CEU courses
Presented by Katie Skipper
Recorded Webinar
Course: #284441 Hour
No CEUs/Hours Offered
Join us to learn more about the Advanced Bionics and Phonak Technology working together to make communication and bilateral, bimodal hearing easier in the real world.

Pediatric Audiology Case Review: Are We Getting the Information We Need?
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Jace Wolfe, PhD, CCC-A, Carol Flexer, PhD, CCC-A, LSLS Cert. AVT, Jane Madell, PhD, CCC-A/SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
Recorded Webinar
Course: #27999Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
Pediatric case examples will be used to determine if results of different tests are providing consistent test information, if sufficient testing has been done, and if sufficient information has been obtained to plan management.

Open Your Ears to the Benefits of Directionality
Signia CEU courses
Presented by Leanne Powers, AuD, Tish Ramirez, AuD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #28119Level: Introductory0.75 Hours
No CEUs/Hours Offered
At Signia our focus is to maximize speech understanding and minimize listening effort for hearing instrument wearers. We have achieved this very successfully by utilizing bilateral beamforming technology in our Signia primax hearing instruments. During this session we will provide an overview of the directional algorithms available in primax and discuss the benefits of and myths around bilateral beamforming technology. We will present the results of independent studies that have shown over 30% improvement in speech understanding for Signa hearing instrument wearers (utilizing our Narrow Directionality algorithm) compared to subjects with normal hearing. Results of two recent independent studies, that reveal reduced listening effort for subjects wearing Signia primax technology, will also be presented.

20Q: CAPD - Diagnosis and Intervention
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Gail Chermak, PhD
Course: #28103Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This text course provides an overview of diagnosis and treatment of central auditory processing disorder, in an engaging Q & A format with leading expert Dr. Gail Chermak.

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Pediatric Audiology: What Could Go Wrong, presented in partnership with Cincinnati Children's
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Ian Windmill, PhD, FAAA, Margaret Kettler, AuD, FAAA
Recorded WebinarAudio
Course: #27902Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
Standards of care in audiology are constantly evolving. So too are the statuatory and regulatory aspects of healthcare, rules for reimbursement, licensing requirements, and ethical requirements. Within these evoluationary changes, the ethical and legal boundaries of care seem to be continually shifting, and thus can be confusing. The purpose of this presentation is to define and differentiate legal, moral and ethical constructs as they apply to pediatric audiology. Using case examples and a series of challenges, participants will be able to develop an ethical and legal framework on which to base decisions in the evolving healthcare marketplace. Please note: the course duration is 90 minutes. This course is open captioned.

Care Path for Patients with Tinnitus
AudiologyOnline CEU courses
Presented by Sharon Sandridge, PhD
Recorded Webinar
Course: #27906Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Tinnitus is more than just ears. This webinar will present a pathway for management of tinnitus including the use of a multidisciplinary team.

Please note: You may earn ABA Tier 1 credits for this course if you complete it as part of the course 28090, "Summer Webinar Series - Tinnitus." Course 28090 contains recordings of all four events from our 2016 series on Tinnitus. ABA Tier 1 CEUs can be earned only when all modules are completed as part of course 28090.

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