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Non-Surgical Baha® Options for Children: Key Considerations

Lisa Vaughn, AuD

February 10, 2020

Interview with Lisa Christensen, AuD, Audiology Program Manager at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas regarding non-surgical Baha® options for children.   Read More


Phonak Marvel™: Fully Connected to a Teen's Life

Dana Ulakovic, AuD

July 8, 2019

Dana Ulakovic, Au.D., Phonak Pediatric Territory Manager, explains how the needs of teens with hearing loss differ from adults and children. In addition, she shares what benefits teens are looking for...   Read More


Donation of Cochlear Implants Helps Ten Children With Hearing Loss in Vietnam to Listen and Speak

Elena Torresani, Paige Stringer, MA

June 3, 2019

Interview with Elena Torresani, Director of Hear the World Foundation and Paige Stringer, Founder and Executive Director of the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss regarding their organiz...   Read More


Oticon Medical Introduces the Pediatric Loaner Program

Gabrielle Simone, AuD, CCC-A

May 28, 2019

Interview with Gabrielle Simone, AuD, Oticon Medical Clinical Territory Manager in New England regarding the pediatric loaner program.   Read More


Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children: Consensus Paper from Phonak International Conference Aims to Improve Standard of Care

Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD

November 1, 2017

Interview with Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Conference Chair, 2017 Phonak Pediatric Conference   Read More


Phonak Launches Pediatric Family-Centered Audiological Care Initiative

Kris English, PhD

June 22, 2017

Interview with Kris English PhD, panel chairperson of the Phonak-sponsored Pediatric Family-Centered Audiological Care Initiative, and Professor at the University of Akron/NOAC, Akron, Ohio.   Read More


Ready for Success - Phonak Solutions to Support Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss

Angela Pelosi

December 5, 2016

Interview with Angela Pelosi, Global Head of Pediatrics, Phonak   Read More


Introducing Phonak Sky V - The New Pediatrics Product Portfolio

Angela Pelosi

April 13, 2016

Interview with Angela Pelosi, Global Head of Pediatrics, Phonak   Read More


Introducing Oticon Sensei!

Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD

September 30, 2013

Interview with Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD, Product Manager - Pediatrics, Oticon A/S   Read More


Interview with Maarten Barmentlo, Group Vice President Marketing, Phonak

Maarten Barmentlo

May 6, 2013

Topic: Phonak Spring Launch: Quest, Audéo Q, Tinnitus Balance, and Naída Q   Read More


Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President of Marketing and Training, and Eric Branda, Au.D., Senior Manager of Product Management, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Alina Urdaneta, Eric Branda, AuD

May 6, 2013

Topic: Siemens Update - Additions to the micon Family, Active Kids & Teens Portfolio and a New App!   Read More


Interview with Dr. Hans E. Mülder, Director Marketing and Senior Audiologist at Phonak Communications, Phonak Headquarters, Switzerland

Hans E. Mülder

April 8, 2013

Topic: Introducing Roger, a New Wireless Standard   Read More


Interview with Nina Kraus, PhD, Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, Northwestern University

Nina Kraus, PhD

February 11, 2013

Topic: Assistive Devices Drive Neuroplasticity in Children with Reading Problems - New Research Findings   Read More


Interview with Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD, Product Manager, Oticon A/S, Denmark

Ben Zalm Fernée, AuD

January 21, 2013

Topic: Introducing Amigo Star, A New Ear-Level FM Receiver   Read More


Interview with Melissa Tumblin, Founder, Ear Community

Melissa Tumblin

July 16, 2012

Topic: Ear Community - Online Resource for Microtia/Atresia   Read More


Interview with Anne Simon, Au.D., Senior Pediatric Audiologist, UC Davis Medical Center

Anne Simon, AuD

February 27, 2012

Topic: Testing Infants Across the Miles - New Teleaudiology Program in Northern California   Read More


Interview with Christine Jones, Au.D., National Manager of Pediatrics, Phonak US

Christine Jones

January 9, 2012

Topic: Phonak's Pediatric Portfolio   Read More


Interview with David Evangelista, Senior Director, Multilateral Partnerships and Development, Special Olympics & Ora Buerkli-Halevy, Member of the Hear the World Foundation Board of Directors

David Evangelista, Ora Buerkli-Halevy

July 25, 2011

Topic: Special Olympics Partners with Hear the World During Games in Athens   Read More


Interview with Carol Meyers, Au.D., Educational Specialist, Siemens Hearing Instruments

Carol Meyers, AuD

May 9, 2011

Topic: Expert e-Seminar Series from Siemens Featuring Catherine Palmer, Susan Scollie, Michael Valente, Kristi Oeding & Robyn Cox   Read More


Interview with George Cire, Au.D., Cochlear Americas

George Cire, AuD

April 18, 2011

Topic: 30 Years of Baha® Advancements, and Counting   Read More


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