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Anthrax: What Every Clinician Should Know

October 31, 2001

This was an extraordinary broadcast that ran ''live'' on 10-18-2001, thanks to the UNC School of Public Health and the CDC. The broadcast was via satellite and on the internet. Tommy Thompson and othe...   Read More

AIHA's New Brochure Offers Tips on Protecting Your Hearing

October 31, 2001

FAIRFAX, Va./PRNewswire/ -- Noise exposure is a growing issue in our communities and workplaces, says the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). To educate the public on the subject, AIHA has...   Read More

Magnatone Introduces The AGCo II, The New And Improved AGCo Circuit

October 30, 2001

Magnatone's AGCo II is the non-programmable version of our popular DigiPro AGCo circuit. Magnatone¹s team of Engineers is continuously improving and enhancing our products to provide you an instr...   Read More

New Adapto With VoiceFinder™ Addresses Three Main Reasons For Poor User Satisfaction

October 29, 2001

Prioritizes Speech Over Noise Reduces Side Effects of Occlusion Reflects Processing Ability & Preferences SOMERSET, NJ October 29 - Oticon, Inc. today introduced ADAPTO, a new hearing aid that priorit...   Read More

National Association of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists to Meet in New Orleans November 15-18

October 29, 2001

(ROCKVILLE, MD) More than 10,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists and scientists are expected to gather in New Orleans, LA, November 15-18, for the annual convention of the American Speech-L...   Read More

USPSTF'S Newborn Hearing Screening Report Ignores Recommendations of Federal Agencies and Professionals

October 26, 2001

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) today expressed its disappointment with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force' s (USPSTF) recent Recommendations and Rationale statement on Ne...   Read More

Fight to Save the Hearing of U.S. Industrial Workers Enters New Phase

October 26, 2001

MONTREAL, Canada/PRNewswire/ - There's new hope today for millions of American industrial workers slowly going deaf from toxic noise and ineffective hearing protection in their work environments. Chic...   Read More

Relay Services Provide 711 Access Nationwide

October 25, 2001

The familiar calling shortcuts of 911 and 411 have been joined by 711—the new three-digit number to reach all Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) nationwide. TRS facilitates telephone conver...   Read More

Concerns Over USPSTF Findings Related to Newborn Hearing Screening

October 25, 2001

MCLEAN, Va.-- The American Academy of Audiology, the professional organization representing over 7,000 audiologist clinicians, educators and researchers, has raised several concerns related to the US...   Read More

Boys Town Hospital Receives Grants to Study Irreversible Deafness Disorders

October 24, 2001

OMAHA, Neb./PRNewswire/ -- The Boys Town National Research Hospital, a division of Girls and Boys Town, the original Father Flanagan's Boys' Home, announced today that it has received $3.5 million in...   Read More

ASHA Reminds Consumers To Seek Help For Hearing Loss

October 24, 2001

In light of the recent announcement by radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh regarding his loss of hearing, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) reminds consumers that hearing loss can...   Read More

Mr. Blackwell Dresses Down Bell's Palsy

October 23, 2001

By Sue Facter, Spotlight Health With medical adviser Stephen A. Shoop, M.D. Mr. Blackwell has an eye for fashion. But the man who originated Hollywood's Best and Worst Dressed lists couldn't believe w...   Read More

XXVI International Congress of Audiology

October 22, 2001

A diverse scientific program of symposia and round tables and free papers on topical issues in audiology, plus a consumer forum and extensive trade exhibition Round table and keynote discussions on: I...   Read More

Are Your Patients Satisfied?

October 22, 2001

AFA's exhibit was buzzing with excitement after the Audiology Patient Satisfaction Program was introduced at this year's ADA convention. Audiologists wanted to know more about how they could sign up t...   Read More

Greg Schott Appointed to Sonus Corp's Board of Directors

October 18, 2001

Portland, OR - - Sonus Corp. (AMEX: SSN), the largest audiology-based retailer of hearing instruments in North America with 1,023 company-owned and affiliated hearing centers, announced that it has na...   Read More

Concerned Physicians at Renowned Clinic Warn Consumers of Possible Permanent Hearing Loss from Extensive Use of Painkillers

October 18, 2001

LOS ANGELES/PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by the House Ear Clinic: In a retrospective observation conducted at the House Ear Clinic (HEC) in Los Angeles, physicians have found a possibl...   Read More

Songbird™ Disposable Hearing Aid Joins The Digital Age; World's First Disposable Hearing Aid Now Offers Digital Sound Quality

October 17, 2001

CRANBURY, N.J./PRNewswire/ -- Songbird Hearing Inc., the company that introduced the world's first disposable hearing aid last fall, announced another technological innovation -- Songbird™ Dispo...   Read More

New Biomedical Instruments Company Introduces Revolutionary New Technology in Newborn Hearing Screening

October 16, 2001

ST. LOUIS /PRNewswire/ -- Everest Biomedical Instruments Company introduces the AUDIOscreener(TM), the first ever portable, computer- independent device to combine evoked otoacoustic emissions (OAE) a...   Read More

MED-EL, Froedtert Hospital & the Medical College of Wisconsin begin Bilateral Cochlear Implant Clinical Study

October 16, 2001

DURHAM, NC - Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, made medical history with surgical implantation of the first two U.S. patients to become part of MED-EL Corporation's bilateral Co...   Read More

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association Statement on Rush Limbaugh's Hearing Loss and Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

October 15, 2001

DETROIT, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of Americans learned recently that radio commentator Rush Limbaugh has lost nearly all his hearing. Now, those millions are beginning to learn why. A statemen...   Read More

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