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Interview with Jennifer Hojnacki, Director of Lyric Marketing, Phonak

Jennifer Hojnacki

August 20, 2012

Topic: Introducing Lyric2   Read More

Interview with Becky Finlen, Au.D., Manager, Clinical Product Development, Phonak

Becky Finlen, AuD

June 25, 2012

Topic: Phonak nano - Product Overview and Clinical Validation Study Results   Read More

Interview with Christine Jones, Au.D., National Manager of Pediatrics, Phonak US

Christine Jones

January 9, 2012

Topic: Phonak's Pediatric Portfolio   Read More


Interview with Elena Torresani of Hear the World & Student Ambassadors Angela, Jesse & Hanna

Elena Torresani

November 21, 2011

Topic: Sound Academy 2011, Amplifying the Grand Canyon   Read More


Interview with Nathan Schau, Au.D., Manager of Audiology, Phonak US

Nathan Schau, AuD

October 17, 2011

Topic: Phonak Zoom Technology   Read More

Interview with David Evangelista, Senior Director, Multilateral Partnerships and Development, Special Olympics & Ora Buerkli-Halevy, Member of the Hear the World Foundation Board of Directors

David Evangelista, Ora Buerkli-Halevy

July 25, 2011

Topic: Special Olympics Partners with Hear the World During Games in Athens   Read More


Interview with Pat Henry, Director, Government Services, Wireless, and Pediatrics, Phonak

Patrick Henry

August 30, 2010

Topic: Phonak's Dynamic SoundField System   Read More


Interview with Michael Orscheln, President and CEO, Phonak Hearing Systems

Michael Orscheln

September 21, 2009

Topic: Collaboration, Service and the $64,000 Question   Read More

Interview with Diane Hammel, Au.D., FAAA, Senior Product Manager, Phonak US

Diane Hammel, AuD, FAAA

July 21, 2008

Topic: Naida hearing instruments   Read More


Interview with Dr. Rose Bongiovanni, Director of Customer Development, Phonak Hearing Systems

Rose Bongiovanni

May 19, 2008

Topic: Latest Releases Including the Exélia, Naída, Inspiro, iCom, myPilot, and iCube   Read More

Interview with Pat Henry, Managing Director Wireless and Pediatrics Phonak

Patrick Henry

April 28, 2008

Topic: inspiro FM System   Read More

Interview with Mujo Bogaljevic, Director of Manufacturing, Phonak

Mujo Bogaljevic

April 7, 2008

Topic: Excellence in Hearing Aid Production and Customer Service   Read More

Interview with David Fabry, Ph.D., Vice President of Professional Relations and Education for Phonak US

Dave Fabry, PhD

December 18, 2006

Topic: EUHA and Savia Art   Read More

Interview with Todd Schneider Senior Director of Medical & Wireless Products, AMI Semiconductor

Todd Schneider

August 8, 2005

Topic: MultiLevel Simultaneous Digital Signal Processing   Read More


Interview with Patricia Stelmachowicz Ph.D., Director of Audiology, Boys Town, Omaha, Nebraska

Patricia Stelmachowicz, PhD

March 21, 2005

Topic: Pediatric Hearing Aid Reflections   Read More


Interview with Dr. Valentin Chapero Rueda Chief Executive Officer, Phonak Hearing Systems

Valentin Chapero Rueda

February 28, 2005

Topic: Phonak Introduces New Digital Technology: Savia   Read More


Interview with John Bamford Ph.D., Ellis Llwyd Jones Professor of Audiology and Deaf Education, University of Manchester

John Bamford, PhD

January 17, 2005

Topic: Audiology in England, 2005   Read More


Interview with Richard Seewald, Ph.D. Professor and Canada Research Chair in Childhood Hearing

Richard Seewald, PhD

August 23, 2004

Topic: A Sound Foundation Through Early Amplification   Read More


Interview with Pat Henry FM Product Manager, Phonak Hearing Systems

Patrick Henry

August 23, 2004

Topic: Wireless Technologies   Read More


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