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Oticon Medical Introduces New Ponto 3 Family of Abutment Level Sound Processors

Alan Raffauf, MA

December 26, 2016

Interview with Alan Raffauf, Vice President of Marketing, Oticon Medical   Read More

ReSound Discusses Danish Trade Mission and Advancing the Smart Hearing Portfolio

Kim Lody

December 12, 2016

Interview with Kim Lody, North America President & SVP, GN Hearing   Read More

Ready for Success - Phonak Solutions to Support Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss

Angela Pelosi

December 5, 2016

Interview with Angela Pelosi, Global Head of Pediatrics, Phonak   Read More


Why Every Audiology Practice Needs a Solid Lead Generation Strategy

Tina Soika

November 21, 2016

Interview with Tina Soika, President, AHAA   Read More

Signia Extends primax Platform, Introduces New Telehealth Tool Called TeleCare

Alina Urdaneta

November 7, 2016

Interview with Alina Urdaneta, Vice President Marketing & Education, Signia   Read More

Unitron's Patient-Centric Design Philosophy & the Creation of Moxi Now

Corey Banham

November 1, 2016

Interview with Corey Banham, Design Manager, Unitron   Read More

National Microtia Awareness Day - November 9

Melissa Tumblin

November 1, 2016

Interview with Melissa Tumblin, Founder of Ear Community   Read More


Catching Up with Sycle: Interview with Ridge Sampson

Ridge Sampson

October 17, 2016

Interview with Ridge Sampson, Sycle Founder and CEO   Read More

HyperSound Launches Tinnitus Feature for HyperSound Clear 500P

Rodney Schutt

October 3, 2016

Interview with Rodney Schutt, SVP and General Manager, HyperSound, Turtle Beach Corp   Read More

Phonak Launches New Belong Platform to the Global Market

Martin Grieder

September 27, 2016

Interview with Martin Grieder, Group Vice President Hearing Instruments Marketing   Read More

Benefits of ESCO's Protection Plus Program

Jim Guthier

August 29, 2016

Interview with Jim Guthier, President, ESCO   Read More

Medtronic Acquires Sophono: What Does it Mean for Audiologists and Their Patients?

Kevin Blalock

August 15, 2016

Interview with Kevin Blalock, Sophono   Read More

What's New in Equipment Service and Calibration?

Lance Brown, John Brewer, John Berry, Tom Crisman, Robert Gray, Eric Melton, Chris Nash, Kris Phillips

August 1, 2016

Interview with Audiology Systems   Read More

Starkey Research Update: Interview with Simon Carlile, Senior Director of Research

Simon Carlile, PhD

August 1, 2016

Interview with Simon Carlile, Senior Director of Research, Starkey   Read More

Ponto and the School Age Child - A Parent's Perspective

Melissa Tumblin

July 25, 2016

Interview with Melissa Tumblin   Read More


ESCO's AlwaysHear Program

Jim Guthier

July 18, 2016

Interview with Jim Guthier, President of ESCO   Read More

Improved Insights Enable a Better Patient Experience

Donald Hayes, PhD, Chris McIntyre

June 6, 2016

Interview with Don Hayes & Chris McIntyre, Unitron   Read More

Sonic's Portfolio Overview

Erin Reichert, MS

May 16, 2016

Interview with Erin Reichert, Director of Professional Services, Sonic   Read More

Introducing Roger for Education Portfolio - Setting New Standards in Learning

Angela Pelosi

May 2, 2016

Interview with Angela Pelosi, Global Head of Pediatrics, Phonak   Read More

Introducing Oticon Opn

Soren Nielsen

April 18, 2016

Interview with Søren Nielsen, President of Oticon A/S   Read More


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